Venmo Payments

Please confirm the Venmo name you are sending payment to. Envision has updated the Venmo name to @Baller7891. 




16th Jun 2021
Trial Abuse!

Trials are a 1 time use please do not abuse the trials or Envision will be removing free trials. I am specifically talk to the user from ip You are now BANNED from Envision Website. Also Envision has enabled a module to keep from users signing up with fake or burner emails. Security is very important to keep all Envision customer ... Read More »

27th Dec 2020
Pyment Updates

Credit card processing has been disabled. For now pay using bitcoin please. Check the knowledgebase section for the quickest and easiest way to buy and use Bitcoin!

22nd Dec 2020
Service Annoumcement

After reviewing the COVID bill that is set to passed today when TRUMP signs it into law the following content will be removed.

ALL 24/7
All Movie PIX
All Catchup

We understand customers wont be happy about this but we need to make these changes to ensure the logevity of the service.

22nd Dec 2020

Envision XCIPTV app update avail. You can install the update from

14th Dec 2020

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10th Nov 2020
Facebook Group

New facebook group. Please Join the group at Check the group for updates, promotion and other great information.

15th Oct 2020
Envision Now Works with APPLE Device

Smarters app is now available on the appl. You can download it from Itunes or

13th Oct 2020
Refer a Friend Program

Be sure to take advantage of the refer a friend program Envision offers. For each customer that signs up with you code you will get a 5 dollar credit. Just log into you Envision account and you will see your Refer a friend link.

22nd Sep 2020
Payment Methods

Paypal is gone. Please pay using Bitcoin or credit card. Site is secure for credit cards and don't store the information. If you still not sure about using your credit card you can use the app called Privacy to generate "Burner Credit Cards" that link you your accounts.



5th Sep 2020